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FREE Burning Board 4.0 Installation

Discussion in 'Woltlab' started by HAWK, May 26, 2016.

  1. HAWK

    HAWK Administrator Staff Member ADMIN

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    Preparations & considerations
    1. Unzip the zip file to your hard drive.
    You will get these files:




    License agreement.txt

    Lies mich.txt


    Read me.txt
    The file "WCFSetup.tar.gz" is also an archive. Never unzip that archive!

    Simply upload the three files from the "upload" s
    ubdirectory with your FTP program to a subdirectory of your choice on your web space. Consider uploading the files to the directory, where you want your forum to be installed later. The installation assistant will then suggest you first to create a directory for the Community Framework (wcf) and later directly for the forum.

    To ensure your web space fulfils the system requirements, consider testing the PHP support
    first! All you need to do so is opening the file "test.php" in your browser and see the results.
    For example
    http://www.example.com/test.php (replace "www.example.com/" with the name of your
    server). If your server doesn't fulfills the system requirements, you may contact your web host to
    ask for some solution. For a dedicated server, please install the missing components.

    For further installation, please keep your MySQL access data ready. You can get this in the
    customer area of your web host.
  2. Bigdiggy

    Bigdiggy Registered REGISTERED

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    there is no WCFSetup.tar.gz in your folder
  3. HAWK

    HAWK Administrator Staff Member ADMIN

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    which resource , give me link so i can fix it

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