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FREE [1.5.x] [XFA] Custom Username Icons 3.0.1

All username, usergroup and usertitle customization your members ever dreamed of !

  1. HAWK
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Custom Username Icons brings a new level of customization for you and your users !

    This add-on lets your user select an icon to be displayed near their username everywhere on your board.
    Icons can be selected either from a list of Font Awesome icons (more than 500 icons) or from a list of images icons of your choice.

    Total control is given through the admincp to fine tune and manage the functionnality:
    Permission to select an icon and configure it can be defined at user and usergroup level thanks to xF permission system
    Default username icon can be selected for each usergroup
    Edition and even forcing of username icon and configuration can be performed through user edition

    • Works everywhere, including addons as long as they use XenForo username template syntax (<xen:username>)
    • Configurable icon position, either before or after the username [NEW 3.0.0]
    • Font Awesome icon (more than 500) or Image Icon, selectable through dropdown menus from usercp. Support Font Awesome icon transformation and animation [NEW 3.0.0].
    • Provided with 226 image icons from from Mark James famfamfam.com: Silk Icons
    • Support new image icon addition by simple upload to your ftp (see here)
    • Color picker to tune Font Awesome Icons
    • Live Icon Preview
    • Configurable custom username icons for all users of a usergroup (admin choice), if users don't have the permission to select a new username icons then it serves as default icon as well.
    • Admin can edit user icon from the admincp User edit page
    • Admin can force user icon from the admincp User Edit page
    • Option to not to load Font Awesome css (eg. if loaded by another add-on)
    • Tested and work on : Taigachat, Showcase, Media Gallery, Resources Manager, Document Manager
    • Users can now select their custom username color (permission based)
    • Users can now select their custom user title color (permission based)
    • Option to set the authorized colors

    Install/Uninstall instructions
    The readme is available HERE. If you had the ThemesCorp version installed on your forum, please read these update instructions HERE before installing the Xen Factory version.
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