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FREE [4.1 .x] WBB 4 Sky Cloud 1.0.1 2016-07-03

Sky Cloud 1.0.1

  1. soundmaster
    WBB 4 style "Sky Cloud" by Gino Zantarelli


    Schlichter, royal blue style in trendy flat design with fully customized content and color accents for various forums content. Quite very professional modifications have been implemented to enumerate a few:

    Pop up window optimized | Complete Tables revised | User Message Sidebar view clearly structured | Representations of Codebox, Chart, Quote, Spoiler, Hidehack adjusted | Members optimized | Portal view optimized | Sidebar button rearranged | Flashing display in newly obtained Conversation | Redesigned Image Viewer display

    Optical adjustments to various plugins:

    This style optimized views of various plug-ins such as the shoutbox of Sunspear, the Voolia News Center, the Hide BB Code of Geramy, the portal and the FAQ of Mobahner, the link list of code Quake, Tims Chat Version 3.0.5, the WBB blog, the WBB filebase the WBB Calendar & Viecode Webdisk that CLS EasyLink list, the Web production Community Marketplace and the Extended MainMenu C. Walz.

    Flexible Width & Smartphone compatible:

    The width of this style is max. 98% (ideal for widescreen monitors) and automatically adapts to smaller monitors, tablets and smartphones ... thus always allow optimal viewing for visitors. Of course, the width adjustment is also left to yourself ...

    Full browser support:

    This style naturally supports all modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 10. Future-oriented coding ensures to later display errors and perfected the appearance.

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