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FREE [4.1.x] WBB 4 TeamSpeak 3 Synchronization 1.2.0

This plugin synchronizes the Forum with a TeamSpeak 3 Server

  1. HAWK
    Burning Board 4.0 / WCF 2.0
    Burning Board 4.1 / WCF 2.1

    This plugin synchronizes the Forum with a TeamSpeak 3 Server, that is, the data from the Forum are the same as the data from the TS3 server.

    In ACP the TeamSpeak 3 Server can be stored data. When this is done, for a group of users (eg, Administrator) can also the associated server group are registered by the TS server.
    Users can enter more than one unique IDs their TeamSpeak 3 identities (eg mobile phone and PC).

    All users that are added to the Administrator user group in the Forum are added simultaneously in the TeamSpeak 3 Server in the server group.
    This also works when the user is removed from the group or the user is deleted.

    It is particularly convenient that a user is automatically banned or unbanned in TS server when it is banned or unbanned in the forum.
    This plugin works without adjustments in TS3 server. The connection works using a query connection using an account.
    The system was designed so that it works even if the user in the server is offline.

    * NEW: The plugin also synchronizes user titles and user names with the Client Description
    * NEW: A cron job synchronized to the data security at a specified interval

    Compatible with: WCF 2.0, WCF 2.1
    Languages: English, German
    Requires: socket connections must be possible in the PHP configuration. Usually web hosts turn activates the function later if you became disabled.
    neu1_en.png neu2_en.png neu3-en.png neu4-en.png screenshot_52_en.png
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  1. WBB 4 TeamSpeak 3 Synchronization

Recent Reviews

  1. skydungeon
    Version: 1.2.0
    Very nice plugin works finally really good! but can you update it the new version is ready
    1. HAWK
      Author's Response