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FREE [4.2.1] PhotoPlog: The Pro Gallery 2.1.6

The Pro Gallery

  1. Deviant
    Compatible vB Versions:
    • 4.2.x
    PhotoPlog: The Pro Gallery - Version 2.1.6 for vBulletin 4.2.1

    This is a full-fledged and completely integrated image gallery add-on for vBulletin. No template edits are necessary. This is the same version that was licensed for sale back in the vBulletin 3 days, but it has been upgraded to vBulletin 4.2.1 and is being offered without charge and is not feature-limited. You get the full pro version.

    It comes with various thumb, image, and display settings, has the ability to determine and display EXIF information, is integrated with several packages including Highslide, and you can set a number of usergroup and category permissions, moderate comments and files, add custom fields, FTP import, mass move, and more.

    Integrated packages (all are the most recent packages available as of 09 June 2013):

    Highslide JS 4.1.13
    JHead 2.97
    CKEditor 4.1.1
    jQuery 1.10.1

    PhotoPlog Pro 2.1.6 has been developed for the following version of vBulletin:

    vBulletin 4.2.1 (fresh install)

    PhotoPlog Pro 2.1.6 has been tested on the following browsers:

    Firefox 21.0
    Internet Explorer 10.0.5

    Check out the screenshots.

    How to upgrade from PhotoPlog Pro v.2.1.5 to PhotoPlog Pro v.2.1.6?

    You can follow the readme file, but this is a small change to fix a bug I inadvertently introduced
    (sorry!!) when I moved the code around. All you need to do is one minute of work as follows:

    FTP these three files from the PhotoPlog ZIP:

    Reimport the following XML file via the vB ACP:

    Do NOT uninstall !!!
    Do allow overwrite.

    How to upgrade from any other version of PhotoPlog to PhotoPlog Pro v.2.1.6?

    Backup first and then follow the upgrade instructions in the readme file.

    Additional questions...
    Will there be a PhotoPlog version for vBulletin 5? Probably not. My understanding is that vBulletin 5 already includes a gallery.
    So what happened to you anyway? Personal issues. My sincerest apologies to anyone negatively affected by my absence.
    What about GARS, GAB, GAZ, GAL, and GeekMart? I'm not sure if I'll update these, and probably not anytime soon.

    screenshot1.jpg screenshot2.jpg screenshot3.jpg screenshot4.jpg screenshot5.jpg screenshot6.jpg screenshot8.jpg screenshot9.jpg screenshot10.jpg