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FREE [4.x] (BD4) Quick Donate 1.1.3

[4.x] Quick Donation system

  1. Deviant
    Compatible IPS Versions:
    • 4.x.
    About This File
    Using Quick Donate you can easily allow your community to receive donations through Paypal from your visitors through a widget which can be placed in header, footer & sidebar locations.

    View: http://blistdevelopment.com.au/forum/
    • Easy to setup.
    • Widget works with both head/footer and sidebar zones.
    • Sandbox mode for testing.
    • Set allowed donation amounts or use custom amounts.
    • Set allowed currencies.
    • Set return URL.
    • Force Paypal to specified localization.
    • Visibility settings.
    • Set text on widget and dialog.
    • Usable on small screens.
    IPS 4.0 Final


    1. qd_icon.png.07316ad3b7b342ae7a23dc2ff527a951.png
    2. Screenshot_1.png.047d60b3515ff34bd8135453ad9535e8.png
    3. Screenshot_2.png.79295a4432d6f204b67b2f35ce118b30.png
    4. Screenshot_3.png.0a268e96f34cf412ffa83132035ebd70.png
    5. Screenshot_4.png.2f2b68acb8c1504e8addbecbd8bd9531.png
    6. Screenshot_5.png.13c9eebc4eb16a6f86b195f4954b0da7.png
    7. Screenshot_6.png.1ce5e8f7440cca8827f76ea18e0ad94a.png
    8. Screenshot_7.png.a56592e6d648f9e19bb876df64b11860.png
    9. Screenshot_8.png.a7ef7b8055d5c01c34788af21632bf33.png
    10. Screenshot_9.png.d4988466bb2e82ebac66e151ae7a2af3.png
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