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Add Google Checkout to Paid Subscriptions 09/28/2017

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vB Version: 3.8.x

This modification will allow you to use Google Checkout as a payment processor for paid subscriptions.

Google Checkout Steps
-Under Settings->Preferences, select the option to automatically authorize and charge
-Under Settings->Integration, uncheck the digitally signed cart box
-For the API Callback URL, enter in the following:
http://path to your forum/payment_gateway.php?method=gcheckout
-Select the Notification Serial # method
-Select API version 2.5 (do NOT check the notification filtering checkbox!)
-Note your Merchant ID and Merchant Key on the right-hand side (will need for below)

vBulletin Steps
-Upload class_gcheckout.php to <forum base>/includes/paymentapi
-Install product
-Under Paid Subscriptions->Payment API Manager->Google Checkout, enter in the merchant ID and key found under your Settings.
-Activate Google Checkout payment API
-Optionally run "Test Communication" under Paid Subscriptions to ensure successful setup and integration

Known Issues
-Incorrect operation on 32bit systems! (found 12/14/2010)
-Only works with curl installed
-Chargeback handling not implemented yet

Release notes
-Replaced mysql_ function in install code with vB SQL wrapper
- Original version
First release
Last update
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