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CES Parser Permissions 09/28/2017

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vB Version: 3.8.x

CES Parser Permissions
vBulletin 3.6.x, 3.7.x, 3.8.x, 4.0.x supported
Version: 2.2.3

If you encounter what you think may be a bug, please include your vBulletin version number when reporting it, since code and fixes differ greatly from 3.6.4 - 4.0.x.

*** NEWS ***
11/8/2010 - 2.2.3 released
5/15/2010 - 2.2.2 released
4/12/2009 - 3.8.x thread created

Known Issues:
- If you are using the Advanced BB-Code Permissions hack, conflicts can arise when profile fields are parsed in the postbit, causing nothing be parsed.
What It Does:
Allows you to grant only certain usergroups the ability to use HTML, BB-code, smilies, and IMG-code in their profile fields, posts, PMs, and in Project Tools.

Mod Features:
- parse profile fields on user profiles using Usergroup Permissions
- parse profile fields in postbits using Usergroup Permissions
- parse posts using Usergroup Permissions
- parse calendar events using Usergroup Permissions
- parse private messages using Usergroup Permissions
- parse Project Tools issues and replies using Usergroup Permissions
- parse Social Messages and usernotes using Usergroup Permissions
- complete Forum Rules integration
- disallow certain HTML tags

Products to Install: 1
Files to Upload: 3
Files to Edit: 0
Template Edits: 0

*** Changelog ***
As of Version 2.2.3
  • non-forum messages don't parse
  • poll options don't parse
As of Version 2.2.2
  • several bug fixes
  • compatible with VaultWiki 2.5.7 PL 1 & 3.0.0 RC 3
First release
Last update
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