Chat 2 by Siropu

SVIP Chat 2 by Siropu 2.0.16

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Added a new command: /idle which allows you to reset your activity status in chatter list without leaving the room. The permission is set for admins only and you can change that from ACP > Chat > Commands > Idle > Enable for selected user groups.

When having unread conversations in all pages mode, chat bar will blink when chat is hidden.

Bugs Fixed
View whispers permission issue in archive where you can view whispers even if you don't have the permission.
Unread conversation are read even if chat is hidden in all pages mode.
Other code issues.​
Fixed a compatibility issue with XPress add-on.
Fixed an issue where the main search input losing focus and closing.
Fixed an issue where long text is hidden under the submit button (when enabled).
Other code issues.

Note: Mobile mode has been reverted to the original style and added a new admin option called "Compact mobile mode" that allows you to display everything inline.
Added option to disable "Load more messages" button for both rooms and conversations.

Bugs Fixed
Permission to edit any room doesn't work.
When liking/editing a message in a room that has a thread ID set, the message will be posted again in that thread.
Other code issues.
Fixed an issue where Disabling the rooms and setting a default joined room, doesn't work.

Made some adjustments to the giphy command to prevent issues with SSL support and if no data is returned from Giphy, it will display a message rather than posting the command as is.

When using the prune command and some other moderator commands, won't update your room activity status anymore.
Chat will generate an error for users who do not have the permission to view the chat.
Message edit not working when saved.
Changed phrase "Please login to use the chat" to "You do not have the permission to use the chat" for users who have the permission to view the chat but not use.
This release fixes various bugs found since 2.0.3.
This release fixes various bugs and style issues.
This version fixes various bugs found since 2.0.1 release. I have also added a new option that allows you to display forum activity notifications with rich usernames.
This version fixes various bugs found since 2.0.0 release.