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Daily Game - Posts a new flash game to your vBulletin every day 09/28/2017

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vB Version: 3.8.x

Daily Game posts a new flash game to your vBulletin once per day in a new thread. Daily Game will help your vBulletin by:
  • Starting up conversations on slow days
  • Increasing retention since users are playing on your forum
  • Help you get links and improve SEO (flash games get a lot of links!)
  • Make you money! Use your own ad code to display an ad while the flash game is loading. These pre-roll ads get very high eCPM!
Install time: 5 minutes
Installation difficulty: Easy

Updated to version 1.5 : No manual template modifications and title and content customization

Updated to version 2.1 : simple_xml support is no longer required, enabled bbcodes on the game thread, support for switched off boards.

Installation instructions

  1. Upload add_daily_game.php to the vBulletin root directory
  2. Import the product XML file (Plugins & Products -> Manage Products - > [Add/Import Product])
  3. Configure the Daily Game settings under vBulletin Options -> vBulletin Options -> Daily Game:
    • Set “Enabled” to Yes
    • Visit www.playedonline.com/register_vbulletin to register (input your forum's url and your email) and get a shared key for authentication.
    • Configure which userid will post the daily games (input 0 for guest)
    • Choose a forum for Daily Game
    • Customise the title (useful for non-English forums) or leave blank for default
    • Enable or disable description and instructions
    • Paste ad code (e.g. AdSense) to show a pre-roll ad before the game starts (optional, leave empty to show no ads)
    • Click the Test link you got in the registration e-mail to post a test daily game (you can delete the test post after you verify that it works)
    • You're done! A daily game will be posted on your forum every day at 3am EST.
  4. Optional : if you switch off your vBulletin from time to time you can make sure the games are posted even if the board is off by making those small changes:
Add the following code to /includes/functions.php

function endswith($string, $test) { 
    $strlen = strlen($string); 
    $testlen = strlen($test); 
    if ($testlen > $strlen) return false; 
    return substr_compare($string, $test, -$testlen) === 0; 
In global.php find the line

if (!$vbulletin->options['bbactive'] AND THIS_SCRIPT != 'login')
and replace with

if (!$vbulletin->options['bbactive'] AND THIS_SCRIPT != 'login' AND !endswith($_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"], '/add_daily_game.php'))
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