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Human Verification For New Thread only 09/28/2017

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vB Version: 3.8.7

What is it?

This mod will enable Human verification for only New Thread. You can have question OR recaptcha during new thread.

Why i made this?

Now days people are using programs to post threads without visiting forum. When someone ask for help in their thread, they don't reply as they don't visit forum only.


1.Turn product on/off.
2. Set usergroupids to exclude.
3. Forums To Exclude
4. Verification based on post counts

Install Instructions

1. In the Product Manager in AdminCP, import the product XML file.
2. Go to Admincp -> Vbulletin Options -> Options -> Human Verification Option

uncheck the post if it is checked and save it.

3. Admincp -> Vbulletin Options -> Human Verification Manager

turn on any one of the Human Verification Library which you want to use it.

4. Go to Admincp -> Vbulletin Options -> Vbulletin Options -> Human Verification For New thread

Turn on the mod and you can enter usergroup ids for which you don't want Captcha. (By Default it is enable for all)

Upgrade Instructions

1. Just Download new xml file from here and in the Product Manager in AdminCP, import the product XML file.


1. You can disable the mod from admincp OR Uninstall the product from the Product Manager in the AdminCP.
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