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Post Date of Threads (in threadbit) 09/28/2017

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vB Version: 3.8.x

This little addon for the threadbits is very practical for any forum in need of good stats.

Usually on vB when you post a new thread, the only details you have in threadbit is the Thread Title and Username of the author...

Now, we have this kind of display where you csn set the read date of each thread, with the very precise dateline detail posted by nexia 2 Weeks Ago (06-05-2008, 01:31 PM)

It's a product upload, no file or template edits.

Details: If you want the "posted by" to have a different style, you simply have to search for the phrase "posted by", it has the varname "nex_postdatesince_postedby" ... you can Capitalize the first letter, as suggested by Shelley, or change its style, like:

<strong>Posted by: </strong>
Note: As suggested by OblivionKnight, the new version (1.5) now covers the search results in thread lists.
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