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RU All Media BB Code 09/28/2017

No permission to download
vB Version: 3.8.x

Please don't spam, just use preview post to see how it works. If you don't have any interest in joining use the BugMeNot account.

Supported sites

  1. Blip.TV
  2. Daily Motion
  3. FaceBook Videos *
  4. Flickr
  5. Google Videos
  6. Guba
  7. Harpers Bazaar
  8. Liveleak
  9. MegaPorn **
  10. MegaVideo
  11. MetaCafe
  12. MySpace Videos
  13. Nothing Toxic
  14. Own3d
  15. PhotoBucket Videos
  16. Redtube **
  17. Ryoni
  18. Street Fire
  19. Style
  20. Tangle
  21. The Fashion Spot
  22. Telegraph TV
  23. Veoh
  24. Video Fashion Daily
  25. Viddler
  26. Videojug
  27. Vimeo
  28. Yahoo Videos
  29. YouTube Videos
  30. Youtube Playlists
  31. Wipido
  32. Xtranormal
  33. Zshare Videos

* Facebook doesn't work for every video.
** Adult sites like Mega Porn and Red Tube are disabled by default. To enable edit the Product XML file in notepad. Change "$adult = false;" to "$adult = true;".

Install instructions:
Import the attached product.
Put media link inside an [m] tag like this

Optional Instructions to add media button to the editor toolbar:
Upload this image media.png to your style image folder. The default is /forum_root/images/editor/
Edit the "editor_toolbar_on" template.

[/B][/I][I][B]<if condition="$show['url_bbcode']">[/B][/I][I][B]
Before add

[/B][/I][I][B]<td><div class="imagebutton" id="{$editorid}_cmd_wrap0_m"><img src="$stylevar[imgdir_editor]/media.png"  width="22" height="22" alt="Insert" /></div></td>[/B][/I][I][B]
If anyone knows how to automatically add the button to the toolbar in the Product XML please let me know.

Upgrade Instructions:

  1. Import the product and set "Allow Overwrite" to Yes.

0.11 October 29, 2009
Fixed Nothing Toxic.
Added support for:

  1. Street Fire

0.10 October 04, 2009
Cleaned code. Fixed several bugs. Added an adult filter so porn sites are disabled by default. Edit the XML file before installing to enable. I recommend upgrading.

Added support for:

  1. Harpers Bazaar
  2. MegaPorn
  3. RedTube
  4. Style
  5. The Fashion Spot
  6. Telegraph TV
  7. Video Fashion Daily
  8. LiveLeaks
  9. Nothing Toxic
  10. Ryoni
  11. Flickr Videos
  12. VideoJug
  13. Tangle
  14. Xtranormal

0.6 September 17, 2009

Added additional Google Video URL support.
Reduced width and height to fit more styles.
Made links case insensitive.

Updated install instructions.

Added support for:

  1. MetaCafe
  2. MySpace
  3. PhotoBucket
  4. Wipido
  5. Own3d

0.5 September 13, 2009
Fixed preview/edit vanishing bug.

Added support for:

  1. Yahoo
  2. Daily Motion
  3. Veoh
  4. Viddler
  5. Zshare
  6. FaceBook
  7. Guba
  8. MegaVideo
  9. Vimeo
  10. Blip.TV

0.1, July 22, 2009
First release


  1. YouTube Videos
  2. YouTube Playlists
  3. Google Videos
First release
Last update
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